Season 2E2: The Death of Celebrity

This week, Daphnee and Jamir are discussing the ways mental illness impacts black men and black women. Star is preparing for Disrupt Theatre’s inaugural show, if you’re wondering where she is! So, sit back and listen to two Aquarians grapple with toxicity (even their own) and mental health between genders and generations.


The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

Toxic, Homophobic Men More Likely to Have Mental Health Issues, Study Finds

10 Things to End Toxic Masculinity

How to Fight Toxic Masculinity

Disrupt Theatre Company


TheBeautyWithin Collection is  an effort of love. Philly Native, Nesh uses her cultural identity, as well as of her love blackness, and embeds it into her creations. From masks and head wraps/durags, to bags and hair accessories, she has a little something for everyone.

Check out their instagram page!

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