Season 2E4: Disney’s Africa: Black Is King, Black Panther, and Keepin’ It Two Virgils with Special Guest Gwladys

It’s already time to start welcoming guests into our mess! This season’s first guest is Gwladys. The topic for this episode focuses on Blackness and Black culture through the African Diaspora – but of course through the lense of Disney. The Peas and Gwladys give some hot takes, ideas on the diaspora, and question whether or not Black people can culturally appropriate one another. Hope you all enjoy this episode as much as we did making it… also, please pray for our podcast. Beyonce might get us for copyright infringement or the Beyhive might not like our critique!

Meet Gwladys


Gwladys is always engaging in conversations related to Africa and the African diaspora as a whole. She’s from Togo (which is a small country in West Africa right next to Ghana) but grew up in New Jersey. She personally identifies as African-American. Gwladys only has fake twitters and instas.


beyoncé & jay z & childish gambino – mood 4 eva (slowed + reverb) – Late Night Drives


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Beyoncé released a video celebrating ‘African tradition.’ Then came the backlash.

‘Black Panther’ offers a regressive, neocolonial vision of Africa

“Black Is King” References Various African Traditions Through Fashion

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