Season 2E7: The Church of Queerness: Reconciling Religion and Homosexuality with Special Guest Jonathan Allsop

The Peas are talking about religion and how the LGBT+ community is navigating their place in Christianity. Special guest Jonathan Allsop joins them to seriously dissect biblical texts too often used to ostracize. Everything from Whitney Houston, Sodom and Gomorrah, and “true Christian values” are on the table for discussion.


Church Girl Vine

Kirk Franklin ft Salt – Stomp

Meet Jonathan


Jonathan Allsop was born in Reading, PA. He is a proud first generation American whose family hails from Trinidad and Tobago. Jonathan went to college at the University of Pennsylvania where he received his BA in Music. In 2016 Jonathan moved to Chicago, IL where he continued to pursue his passion for acting working with various theater, and film companies in the Chicagoland area. Jonathan is a second year MFA Actor at Northern Illinois University. You can find Jonathan at his website and his Instagram @Jo._nathan.


Seven Gay Texts: Biblical Passages Used to Condemn Homosexuality

‘New Age’ beliefs common among both religious and nonreligious Americans

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