Season 2E11: Black Feminism, Sex, and Sexuality

Episode 11: Black Feminism, Sex, and Sexuality

Today we have special guest Nia Baker talking about Black feminism, WAP, and how Daphnee is not a fan of Richard Wright and his foolishness. This conversation has all the Peas talking about the importance of letting Black women own their sexuality – unhindered. This episode might get us canceled… but we don’t care. Black women come first, don’t be a pick me, and why be misogynist when you can get twerked on?

Meet Nia:


Nia is a writer, student, and interested in all things Black feminism and sex positivist. Currently, she is a PhD student at the University of Virginia studying sociology with specific interests in the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality. In her free time, she maintains a blog titled Feminist Desire where she discusses and reflects on current events in her life and in the world around her. 


Checkie Brown Dilemma (ID 03) by Checkie Brown

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